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Bisoprolol fumarate 5 mg online

If you’re interested in finding where to buy bisoprolol fumarate 5 mg , then our pharmacy is about to offer you the most favorable conditions for purchasing medicines without a prescription. Patients successfully use bisoprolol for treating diseases described in the manual below. Our online pharmacy provides fast delivery throughout Australia. Purchase and make certain of the high caliber of our services. Since we promote absolutely all medicines without a prescription, carefully read each of the contraindications, side effects and interactions with other medications. Regardless, we suggest that you consult with your health care provider.

Bisoprolol Fumarate 5 Mg

10 mg, 5 mg

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Brand Names
Zebeta, Ziac

Bisoprolol is used by itself or in conjunction with other drugs to treat hypertension. Bisoprolol is in a class of medications. It works by relaxing blood vessels and slowing heart rate reduce and to enhance blood pressure.
High blood pressure is a illness and if not treated, may cause damage. Damage to such organs might cause a heart attack, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, lack of eyesight, along with problems.

Making lifestyle changes will help to control your blood pressure besides taking drugs. These changes include eating keeping a healthy weight, exercising at least 30 minutes most times, not smoking, and using alcohol in moderation.

Used For management of heart failure, angina pectoris, and mild to moderate hypertension and for secondary prevention of myocardial infarction (MI).

Side Effects

  • dizziness
  • diarrhea
  • muscle aches
  • vomiting
  • fatigue
  • runny nose


Oral, mouse: LD50 = 100 mg/kg; Skin, rabbit: LD50 = 200 mg/kg;Skin, rat: LD50 = 500 mg/kg. Signs of overdose include congestive heart failure (marked by sudden weight gain, swelling of the legs, feet, and ankles, fatigue, and shortness of breath), difficult or labored breathing, very low blood pressure, low blood glucose, and slow pulse.

Bisoprolol Interactions

Inform your doctor about all the medications that you take, including non-prescription and prescription drugs, vitamins, and herbal nutritional supplements. Especially tell your health care provider if you choose:

  • Additional beta blockers like
    • metoprolol (Toprol XL, Lopressor)
    • carvedilol (Coreg)
    • betaxolol (Kerlone)
    • nebivolol (Bystolic)
    • propranolol (Inderal)
  • reserpine
  • anti-arrhythmia drugs like procainamide (Procanbid, Procan), disopyramide (Norpace, Rythmodan), lidocaine (Xylocaine, Lidoderm), phenytoin (Dilantin), mexiletine (Mexitil), flecainide (Tambocor), propafenone (Rythmol), amiodarone (Cordarone, Pacerone), sotalol (Betapace), dofetilide (Tikosyn), dronedarone (Multaq), digoxin (Lanoxin), and adenosine (Adenocard)
  • calcium channel blockers like verapamil (Calan, Isoptin, Covera, Verelan) and diltiazem (Cardizem)
  • diltiazem (Lanoxin)
  • rifampin

This isn’t an entire collection of all bisoprolol drug interactions. Consult your physician or pharmacist to learn more.

What Is The Drug Bisoprolol Used For?

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