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Sulfasalazine 500 mg online

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Sulfasalazine 500 Mg

500 mg

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Brand Names
Azulfidine, Sulfazine

Sulfasalazine is used to treat bowel inflammation, diarrhea (stool frequency), rectal bleeding, and abdominal pain in patients with ulcerative colitis, a condition in which the bowel is inflamed. Sulfasalazine delayed-release (Azulfidine EN-tabs) can also be used as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in adults and children whose disease has not reacted well to other drugs.

Sulfasalazine is in a class of medications. It works by reducing inflammation (swelling) within the body.

Used For treating Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis because a second-line agent.

Side Effects

  • headache
  • diarrhea
  • stomach pain
  • upset stomach
  • vomiting
  • loss of appetite


Sulfasalazine Interactions

Inform your doctor about all the medications you take including non-prescription and prescription drugs, vitamins, and herbal nutritional supplements. Especially tell your health care provider if you choose:

  • digoxin (Lanoxin)
  • folic acid

This isn’t an entire collection of all sulfasalazine drug interactions. Consult your physician or pharmacist to find out more.

Important things to know about taking sulfasalazine

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